Aua da Fluaz Andiast (Graubünden/Grigioni/Grischun)


From Chur pass Flims/Laax and afterwards Ilanz. Just after Ilanz take the right road to Rueuns/Pigniu. Park left before the dam (alt. 1415m).


Walk to the dam and cross it to the western shore of the lake. Follow the right side of the lake for 1km until you see a red and yellow marked stone to the left. From here take the steep and sometimes hardly visible path to the start at 2009m.


At the beginning are two amazing narrow sections with several natural bridges. After this two sections the canyon is more open and some high and technical waterfalls follow. The C50 which ends in a tube is quite strong and the pool below is white, but with a normal waterflow it is good manageable. At the left side of the pool is a new anchor to continue.


Exit at the lake Pigniu and walk back on the right or left side of the lake.

Période/caractère aquatique

Canyon alimenté par un glacier. A envisager à l'automne (Octobre-Novembre).

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