Sefilütschine Lauterbrunnen (Bern/Berne)

Barrage, prise d'eau, ouvrage hydroélectrique en amont ou sur la descente.
Attention ! Ce canyon est soumis à une réglementation spécifique. [> Plus d'infos...]


Drive to the very end of the Lauterbrunnen valey until you reach the height 905Hm. On the right side is a big parking and a restaurant.


From the parking you can hike in direction Sefi valey. A steep path leads you directly to a bridge crossing Sefi-Lütschine. From here walk parallel to the stream to the water capture, where the start is.


Very nice and narrow start with a great big waterfall. Some side affluent increase the water Level a lot just after the big waterfall.
Minimalistic equipped. 2-3 times a tree or a boulder must be used for an abseil.


After the canyon exit on the right and walk back to the car-park


There is a risk of the water capture. When an engine stops due to technical Problems, the water will flow in the canyon.
It is mostly not a Problem as there are several places where you can find higher ground, but not during the first 20min.


First descent 30.09.2012
Pascal van Duin, Emmanuel Belut, Matthias Holzinger + others...

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